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Logo der AIA 2001

Australian International Airshow 2001

(100 good photos of the first big airshow in the year 2001) -from Hartmut Seidel-

Logo der RAAF

Part B ( Photos 35 to 64 ) civil aircrafts, foreign Air Forces, aerobatic displays:

Sikorsky S-64 F

Sikorsky S-64F

This helicopter is a rare flying legend: The Sikorsky S-64 F Skcyrane! It was a very great pleasure for me to see this very big helicopter flying at the Australian International Airshow 2001 because I have not seen a Scycrane in the air before. I think many people know the Scycrane as the CH-54 Tarhe, its U.S. Army designation. Many of this helicopters saw extensive service with the U.S. Army at the Vietnam war. Civil companies use the Skycrane mostly as a heavy-lift crane helicopter (you can read it in the name Skycrane). But there are also many other jobs for this powerful big helicopter. The american company Erickson Air-Crane use the S-64 F as a fire-fighting helicopter. Sikorsky S-64F

Sikorsky S-64F

Sikorsky S-64F

At fire-fighting missions the S-64 F Skycrane is equiped with a 9000 litre water tank. The Skycrane can self refill the water tank with the snorkel at lakes or other water sources near the fire. So the Skycrane can fly many fire-fighting missions successively. This Skycrane here was manufactured in 1970. The helicopter was chartered by the state of Victoria for several months to extinguish bush-fires, grass-fires and forest-fires during the "fire-season" in Australia.



The Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan is a brand-new aircraft, developed and produced in Australia. This eight seat utility aircraft is for example very interesting for customers who want to buy a new aircraft to replace the Cessna 206. It is also interesting for customers who needs a new aircraft which is not so big as the Cessna Grand Caravan. Hughes-500 D There was a good offer for helicopter pleasure flights at the airshow heliport. A big fleet of helicopters has flown and many people enjoyed the bird's-eye view on the Australian International Airshow 2001! I have also enjoyed a very nice pleasure flight in this Hughes 500 D!
Sikorsky S-76

At the east side of the Airshow area on the Avalon airport was established a very busy heliport. One of the many helicopters there was this RAAF Sikorsky S-76 Rescue helicopter.

Blick auf den Airport During the pleasure flight in the Hughes 500 D I have enjoyed a wonderful view on the Airshow area at the Avalon airport! Here you see the mighty Rockwell B-1 B Lancer, the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker and the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress of the U.S. Air Force on the south side of the Static Display.
F-15 This U.S. Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle taxies back to its parking position after its pilot has flown a first-class demonstration with the aircraft. B-1B The strategic heavy bomber Rockwell B-1 B Lancer with swing-wings was to see for the first time at an Australian airshow. This B-1 here was to see in the static display.
Boeing C-17

Many interesting aircrafts of the U.S. Air Force participated in the flying display of the Australian International Airshow 2001. Here is to see the new long-range haeavy lift transport aircraft of the U.S. Air Force, the C-17 A Globemaster III. The C-17 was originally designed by McDonnell Douglas, but the Boeing Company has taken over the McDonnell Douglas Corporation and since that time the aircraft has the name Boeing C-17 A Globemaster III.

B-1 B There was not only one Rockwell B-1B Lancer to see at Australian InternationalAirshow 2001! A second Rockwell B-1B Lancer of the U.S. Air Force has given a very impressive flying display! Take off and landing of this second B-1B Lancer was not at Avalon airport but far away at the Royal Australian Air Force Base Amberley in Queensland.
F/A-18 F Super Hornet

F/A-18 F Super Hornet

F/A-18 F Super Hornet

With the Hornet it is the same as with the C - 17: The Hornet was originally designed by McDonnell Douglas, but after the taking over of McDonnell Douglas by the Boeing Company, the Hornets have now the new name Boeing F/A-18 Hornet. And You can see here the newest variant oft the Hornet, the improved Super Hornet. The United States Navy has shown a stunning flying demonstration with this two-seat Boeing F/A-18 F Super Hornet!



The gigantic strategic heavy bomber Boeing B-52 Stratofortress with eight ( ! ) engines was one of the U.S. Air Force guests in the static display.


The F-16 jet was originally designed by General Dynamics, but now the name is Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon. Maybe You know the F-16 also as the "Viper", its nickname. The United States Air Force has shown the excellent aerobatic capabilities of this powerful aircraft. The most stunning manoeuvre of the F-16 display: a high-speed climb up including 13 ( ! ) rolls!



A very rare sight for an aviation enthusiast from Europe: An aircraft of the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Here a Boeing KC-135 tanker.
BAe Nimrod

A guest from Great Britain: The British Aerospace Nimrod maritime-reconnaissance and anti submarine warfare aircraft of the Royal Air Force is always a impressive sight in the air!

BAC-Strikemaster This BAC Strikemaster jet trainer served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force for many years. Now the aircraft has a civil owner. Australian Jet Adventures use this Strikemaster for adventure flights. For 1.950,- Dollars the passenger can experience a impressive Strikemaster jet flight with aerobatics, and the passenger can also take over the controls himself! Unfortunately I had not enough money available this year. But at the next Australian International Airshow in the year 2003 I hope I can enjoy a wonderful adventure flight in the BAC Strikemaster!!! You are also interested to fly in the Strikemaster? Take a look at:
Boein B 747-400

One of the most beautiful aircraft in the world: The Boeing 747-400, well-known as the legendary Jumbo Jet! It is always a great pleasure for me to fly in the Jumbo! The Boeing 747-400 here in the static display belongs to the very good Australian airline QANTAS.

Extra 300 The Australian Aerobatic Champion Tom Moon has shown a world-class aerobatic display with the German-built high performance aerobatic aircraft Extra 300.
Wingwalking Stearman

A very good airshow must have a very good Wing Walker display. And such excellent and spectacular wing walking as during the Australian International Airshow 2001 I have never seen before! The very impressive gravity defying display of wing walking by Anders Brandi on, between and even under the wings of the Super Stearman was incredible! Eddie Andreini is the pilot of this Super Stearman, a modified Boeing Stearman with a canopy and not the usual open cockpit of the Stearman biplane. Eddie Andreini and Anders Brandi are from Half Moon Bay in California / USA. The commentator said the payment for their fantastic performance is "35 Dollars and all the food you can eat". But I suppose this was the usual payment in the old Barnstormer times of 1930.

Manfred Radius mit seinem "Salto"

Manfred Radius

The glider pilot Manfred Radius has flown a very nice aerobatic performance in the H 101 Salto sailplane, by day as well as in the night! The climax of his show by day was the ground-level inverted ribbon cut. His impressive night show was an aerobatic performance accompanied with pyrotechnics! The H 101 Salto fully aerobatic sailplane was constructed by Mrs. Ursula Hänle in Germany.The Salto is an old design and the production has ended several years ago. But Mrs. Hänle will be happy if she can find anyone who want to produce the H 101 Salto sailplane again! Are You interested? Or do You know anyone who has enough money and know-how to produce the aircraft again? If yes, send a fax to Mrs. Ursula Hänle.The number is: (Germany) 33875 / 30389.



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