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Welcome, Aviation Enthusiasts!

AirVenture was founded in August 2000 from aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts - it is our aim to present all the informations that we collected about the finest airshow and aviation events around the world to the visitors of AirVenture. Furthermore AirVenture also wants to function as a meeting point for discussions around aviation topics. When you have a question from the World of Aviation then we are always keen on trying to provide an answer for you!

Aviation is "only" a hobby for us and our leisure time is sadly not sufficient to visit all the events, airshows or museums around the globe. Therefore we would be very happy for your support to keep this site alive and growing - so please do not hesitate and tell us about your experiences and observations at airshows worldwide. We are always looking forward to publish your reports and photos here at AirVenture!

- Please note that we are still working on the english version of this site and that some areas are currently only available in german. -

Now please enjoy your visit and we are eagerly awaiting your participation!

Your AirVenture-Team



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Picture of the week:
Reno Races T-6 Reno Races 2006 - the translation of the "Airshow-Part" is finished. Available in english language now: >>>Miscellaneous

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