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Golden West EAA Regional Fly In 2002 in Marysville, California

Part 1 / Part 2

P-51H This P-51H didn`t enter the  service before the end of WW II. The mustang with it`s improved aerodynamics was built 555 times and of all these aircrafts only two are still flying today. The owner of this one is Mike Coutches from California.
Sea Fury Painted in it`s original paint scheme of the Australian NAVY was this Hawker Sea Fury.
P-51 The "Grim Reaper", is depicted on the nose of Sal Rubino`s beautiful Mustang. On the ferry flight to the RSwAF in Stockholm on the 15th of April 1945 the Pilot Bill Crump got bored while on hold for landing and so decided to do three flypasts underneath the Stockholm harbour bridge. 
F-18 The only jet at the EAA Fly In at Marysville was this F/A-18. Together with the Corsair and the Sea Fury a part of the heritage flight. 
NA-50 Before North American Aviation built  the famous P-51, they built a prototype fighter aircraft. It was the NA-50 equipped with a  radial engine. The only existing flyable replica could be seen at Marysville. 
Heritage Flight The Heritage Flights, consisting of a formation of old and new fighter aircrafts - always a spectacular sight at each Airshow.
NA-50 "Preying Mantis" - the nose art on the NA-50 depicts a beauty riding on the back of a praying mantis.
Heritage Flight No easy task for the pilots to fly in such a tight formation with these totally different aircrafts and their unique flight characteristics. 
B-17 One of the few flyable Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. The "Aluminium Overcast" is an aircraft of the "G"-series recognizable by the remote controlled machine gun turret under it`s nose.
T-6 Of course also a North American AT-6 was present at Marysville. There are still various planes available of this standard trainer of the war and post war times.
B-17 The  "Aluminum Overcast" on the apron. With the 1000 bomber attacks over Germany you could really guess what an "aluminium overcast" sky looked like.
T-6 John Culver demonstrated the training programm of a WW II fighter pilot with his Texan "War Dog".
Opening As at the most US-airshows the official part of the show was opened by a parachutist presenting an oversized star spangled banner.
Jean Sean Derossier is one of the youngest aerobatic pilots having already amassed over 400 aeorbatic flying hours in his logbook. His "One Design Charger" is very small and powerful. It`s climbrate is 3000ft/min and the top speed exceeds 220mph. 
Beech 18 Used as the drop off plane for the parachutists was this Beech 18.
Shenyang Again one of the various Shenyangs in an excellent condition. These aircrafts are very tough and fully capable of aerbobatic manouevers.
B-17 The "Aluminum Overcast" just before touchdown. The weather and the visibility were superb as you can see by the fantastic panorama.
L-39 The Aero L-39 Albatros is widely in use in the USA. Already before the fall of the iron curtain this aircraft type was sold in large numbers to the USA at a very affordable price.
Corsair Every time an impressive performance:   the Chance-Vought F-4U Corsair. Here you can see the gear bay doors closing right after take-off.
The next Golden West EAA Fly In is held from the 20-22 of June 2003 at the Yuba Airport in Marysville, California. If you are somewhere near you should visit this event - it`s really worth it. For more informations please have a look at:
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