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Founded in 1997 the Golden West Aircraft Association(GWAA) is a joint-venture of EAA Chapters in California that are subgroups of the national EAA, the famous Experimental Aircraft Association. Beside the world famous annual EAA-Fly-In at Oshkosh some local EAA Chapters also organize their Fly-In`s. So each year some hundred pilots meet at the Golden West Fly-In at Marysville with their Oldtimers, Warbirds and custom-builts to spent three days with like-minded people and searching through the various spare-part booths for a long desired instrument. We visited the californian Fly-In at Marysville Airport together with our friends from the Nut Tree Airport at Vacaville, CA. Link zur Golden West Regional Fly In Homepage
We especially have to thank Mr. David Aronson - without him this report wouldn`t have been possible! Thank You very much again, David, for making this Report possible.

Report: Gerhard Schmid - Translation: Stefan Gatzke


Part 1 / Part 2

Nach Marysville On the back seat in David`s Citabria on route to Marysville  A few minutes ago we departed from  Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville, 32 mi east of San Francisco. 
Quickie Probably one of the most extreme biplane designs is Burt Rutan`s "Quickie" from the 70`s. Until today Rutan attracts attention with some outstanding and also very efficient aircrafts as  for example the world record holding "Voyager".
Archer in Sicht A Piper Archer with the rest of our cheerful team. Underneath us the green fields of California. 
Spartan Some aircraft have a simply timeless beauty. This Spartan Executive 7W surely belongs to this category....
Über Californien By plane the trip from Vacaville to Marysville takes only around 40 minutes.
Cessna 195 this Cessna 195 in an execellent condition. Such a beauty can rarely be seen in Europe. 
Approach On final for Marysville Airport.
No more room in the hangar? This excuse is now no longer suitable....
Art After touchdown we were guided to our parking position between hundreds of other aircrafts. David`s Citabria  parked tail to tail with this piece of art.
Grasshopper Nearly 2000 units of this Taylorcraft L-2 M "Grasshopper" were produced. It was used as a light transport and for reconnaissance purposes. 
Art Each square inch of this  unique plane was a real work of art...
Shenyang The chinese Shenyang BT-6 is in service since 1977 as a trainer. This plane still carries it`s original chinese paint scheme. 
Art ...and the artist seems to be pretty fond of cats. While taking a closer look around one could have spent some films to cover all of the details in the paint scheme of this aircraft.
Shenyang And this is how the BT-6 looks like with a new paint scheme....
Aircoupe The Ercoupe is a pre-war design. Astonishing how many  of these planes could be seen at Marysville.
Noseart ...including a highly imaginative spaceship noseart.
Alien "Extraterrestrial brilliant...", would have been the message of the advert. Well, the extraterrestrial was in fact slightly green in the face.
Chipmunk This polished to perfection De Havilland "Chipmunk" is also a former military trainer...
Autogyro Autogyros as this very much resemble helicopters but the main rotor has no connection to a driveshaft. It only rotates   through the forward motion produced by the rear propeller.
This so called autorotation is responsible for the lift of these autogyros. 
Stearman also this formidable Boeing PT-17 "Stearman". Built in large numbers it was one of the toughest trainers of all times...
Mini-IMP A somehow quite unconventional design is the "Mini-IMP" kitplane from Molt Taylor. The single-seater with a rear propeller and a 60hp engine reaches speeds up to 175mph and with a 100hp engine even 200mph!!!
Bt-13 ... and this excellently restored Vultee Bt-13 "Valiant". Of all the around 11.000 planes that were built only a few have survived. This Bt-13 belongs to a group of owners around our friend Lloyd Tincher and it`s homebase is at the Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville.
Husky Even the famous Husky was visiting the Golden West Fly-In.

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