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- a Special from Philip Preindl -

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

- Red Arrows History -

The History of the Red Arrows: 

The first formation flights ever started in 1920 when 3 Gloster "Gladiator" airplanes formed a squadron in Hendon in the United Kingdom. 

In the fifties the "Black Arrows", a formation consisting of 9 black colored Hawker Hunter Mk. 58 jets came up and participated at some events in the UK like at the Farnborough Airshow 1958. 

The today world famous "Red Arrows" were formed in 1964 using 5 Folland Gnat aircraft and soon the team became a popular sight at many airshows in Europe. Only a few years later 4 more jets joined the Reds. 

In 1980 the Gnat airplanes were replaced by the trainer'Hawk' which can still be admired at about 80 demonstrations every year.

Today the Red Arrows are one of the best display teams worldwide!

Hawker Hunter

The Black Arrows started with the Hawker Hunter Mk.58, as seen here.


1964 the todays team name "Red Arrows" came up - they used the Folland Gnat.


Since 1980 the team uses 9 BAe Hawk.


In Part 3 of the Red Arrows Special: The BAe "Hawk"

>>> Part 3


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