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- a Special from Philip Preindl -

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

- The Aircraft -

British Aerospace Hawk Mk. 1 – The Aircraft of the Red Arrows

Together with the Aero L-39 Albatros the BAe Hawk is the worlds most manufactored trainig airplane and it can be found in several countries all over the globe, for example: Great Britain, Finland, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

First in service in 1976, the plane is the most important trainer of the Royal Air Force nowadays.

After several updates and modifications the Hawk can also be used as single seat groud attack fighter. (known as Hawk 200)

The Red Arrows upgraded from the Folland Gnat to the Hawk in 1980, today 12 aircraft belong to the aerobatics team - 9 are used for the display and the rest are spare planes.

Equipped with 320 liter tanks (under the fuselage) the Reds are able to produce colored smoke! This very nice effect is caused by a Diesel- Oil mixture sprayed directly into the hot exhausts of the jets.

hawk1.gif (12187 Byte)

Performances of the "Hawk":

Wingspan: 9,39 m

Length: 11,85 m

Heighth: 4,00 m

Max. Speed: 1037 km/h

Max. Altitude: 15894 m

Empty Weight: 3628 kg

Max. Weight: 8330 kg

Thrust: 5,200 lbs (2359 kg) 

hawk2.gif (12148 Byte)
You have not seen the Red Arrows in Action? We strongly recommend You to visit a Airshow with the "Reds" in the Program. You won't be dissapointed! Reds


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