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"A Race To Remember"

The 39th Annual National Championship Air Races and Air Show, September 12-15, 2002

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On the Apron

The Apron is the place where the last test runs take place. It is situated between the pits and the runway. Here the aircrafts are also refueled. Spectators are not allowed on the apron. The propellers spin with up to 1000rpm and the blast behind the aircraft would blow away people easily. Around the tanker gases escape from the high octane flight fuel - only one of the various dangers to face.
Nevertheless is the distance towards the spectators area only a few feet so that the airracing fans are still right inside the action.

Bouchon Surprise on the apron: the Hispano HA-1112 of Harold Kindsvater really stimulated the imaginations of some airracing fans.
Miss A Test run for the team of "Miss America" after the new engine was fitted. For the first time the "Miss A" was supposed not to fly with the serial engine. 
Bouchon After the Bouchon from the Planes of Fame Museum was damaged during the shooting of the "Pearl Harbour" Movie in 2000, this Bouchon is the last one remaining in the USA. 
Miss Trinidad Till late in the evening work was done on the Yak-11 "Miss Trinidad".
Bouchon If this rudder would have impressed the unlimited racers? Unfortunately the fans couldn`t find out because the Bouchon remained as if glued at its position for the whole week...
Ole Yeller Until a few years ago the legendary Bob Hoover performed breathtaking shows with the P-51 "Old Yeller". Now this famous Mustang is owned by John Bagley. 
Rare Bear On the other end of the apron a lot more action took place. The music of the mighty R-3350 engine with it´s 4000hp roared for hours in the ears. 
P-63 One of the undisputable stars at Reno 2002 was the P-63 of John Bagley. This plane is an absolute rarity. 
Rare Bear Even though the team had  worked very hard the "Rare Bear" was not ready to take part in the qualifying. So the fans could only admire her on the ground and even there she was always the centre of attention.
P-63 It`s just amazing - the P-63 is ready for action. John Bagley likes the authentic look into even into the closest detail.  
Dago Red #4 Dago Red during an engine test run. The Dago-Team used every minute to work on their aircraft...
P-63 Cockpit A glance into the cockpit of the P-36 Kingcobra. Here you can really talk about a "watch-collection"...
Dove of Peace No racer but a very beautiful Mustang is the "Dove of Peace" owned by the chief mechanic of the Miss America Team.
Precious Metal "Precious Metal" on engine start-up of the Rolls-Royce "Griffon". Flames burst from the exhausts while the contrarotating propellers start to turn. 
Dove of Peace Larry likes it comfortable - his "Dove of Peace" has besides it`s autopilot also an air condition.
Riff Raff #99 "Riff Raff" starts it´s engines producing a lot of smoke. This is quite normal for radial engines due to the oil that collects in the lower cylinders. 
Furias The Sea Fury "Furias", piloted by Art Vance is powered by a mighty R-4360 radial engine with 28 cylinders and over 70l of cubic capacity. The white propeller blades really improve the optics. 
Strega Bill "Tiger" Destefani's #7 "Strega", the toughest competitor of the last years champion "Dago Red". The engine test run of the witch was quite promising. 
Hunter Steve Appleton taxiing behind the #7 "Strega" with his Hawker "Hunter".
Six Shooter "Six Shooter", a competitor in the AT-6 class on the apron in the evening. 
Julie Clark Julie Clark taxies with her T-34 Mentor to the runway. She was one of the performers that filled the time between the races with their aerobatics. 
Voodoo Bob Button's #5 "Voodoo" wearing one of the most unusal paint schemes of all the aircrafts in the Unlimited Class. 
Formula 1 They don`t taxi, they are taxied: the aircrafts of the Formula 1 are so light weighted that they can be carried by hand to the start. 
Voodoo The team "Voodoo" around it`s pilot Matt Jackson had not much work to do - the aircraft was as reliable as a clockwork. 
Lady Jo Lady Jo, piloted by Robert Patterson, is a two seater Mustang that can be recognized by it`s extended cockpit. Here you can also watch a formation of T-6 flying over the airfield in the sunset. 
L-39 A premiere for a new race class in 2002: the L-39 Albatros. Here the "Firecat" on the Apron. 
Merlins Magic "Merlins Magic", flown by Jim Eberhardt. The lowered flaps reflect the evening sun. 
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