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"A Race To Remember"

The 39th Annual National Championship Air Races and Air Show, September 12-15, 2002

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The other race classes

Even when the "Unlimited Class" is the most fascinating for the spectators we will take a close look at the other classes as there are the T-6, Formula 1, Sports Class, Biplane and Jet Class. Also in this classes spectacular manoeuvres and breathtaking fights for the victoy can be watched. With the Jet Class it is the first time this year that aircrafts without propellers compete in the races. 

T-6 The North American T-6 with the No. 68 taxing to the take off. "Big Easy" is piloted by Michael Gillian.
Lancair Darryl G. Greenamyer is a living Reno legend. A few years ago after winning  some races in the Unlimited Class he went back to the Sports Class where he dominated the scene. 
T-6 #64 "Red Knight". Pilot of this AT-6G painted in the striking red is Keith McMann.
Sport Class Only on the second glance you are able to spot Daryl Greenamyer overtaking the Glasair III of Mike Jones (#10) in this picture...
T-6 The airline-pilot  Jim Booth with his AT-6 #444 during the race. It`s nickname "MYT-6" clearly explains the relationship between the plane and Mr. Booth. 
Thunder Mustang "Blue Bijou" is the name that John Parker gave his Thunder Mustang. These smaller rebuilts of the famous P-51D Mustang are especially hard to distinguish while airborne. hat John Parker seine Thunder Mustang getauft. 
T-6 Tom Campau pilots his North American SNJ-5 "Mystical Power" #21 around the pylons. He was this years champion in the T-6 Class.
Questair Venture On this picture you can see the extremly short fuselage of Michael C. Dacey`s  #71 "Fool's Gold".
T-6 This polished SNJ-4 is definetly one of the beauties of this class. #70 is flown by James R. Thomas.
Questair Venture #71 has just passed the pylon #2. It`s really hard to believe that the aircrafts of the Sports Class exceed speed of over 300 mph. 
T-6 "Wyoming Wildcatter" is the name of this colourful T-6 with the  #77, which is flown by Jim Good from Casper, Wyoming.
L-39 "Firecat" is a true eye-catcher in the new Jet-Class. Only L-39 Albatros compete against each other in this class.
T-6 Rick Siegfried passes the pylon #2 with his #87 "Stocker".
L-39 The former "Space Pilot" Robert "Hoot" Gibson, known from the Unlimited Class, passes pylon #2 with the #15.
T-6 Showing the classical chequered pattern on the cowling: theAT-6 #90 of Gene McNeely.
L-39 The  #7 is piloted by Lee Behel who is an Audi and Porsche dealer in San Jose and he is also starting in the Sports Class. 
T-6 James R. Thomas, Keith McMann und Michael Gillian fighting wingtip on wingtip for the best places. 
L-39 For 38 years only propeller-driven aircrafts were flying at the Reno Races and the new Jet-Class was as expected getting a lot of attention.
T-6 Jim Eberhardt with his AT-6G #30 under pressure by  Wayne Cartwright and #44 "Six Shooter". No, Mr.  Cartwright doesn`t live at the Bonanza Ranch (which is by the way situated not very far).
L-39 Mary Dilda is going for the attack. She, as a commercial pilot from Memphis/Tennessee is also very experienced in the T-6 Class.
T-6 One lap later: Wayne Cartwright has caught Jim Eberhardt. The difference in the top speed of these aircrafts are rather minimal because they are all in original fittings. 
L-39 Also Curt Brown, here depicted with Bob Buttons`s L-39 "American Spirit" overtakeing his competitor is a very experienced pilot. He flew the Space Shutle on over half a dozen missions.
T-6 Michael Gillian tries to overtake James R. Thomas  on the outer lane. The rules demand that overtakeing some one is only possible on the outer lane.
L-39 All the aircraft of the Jet-Class were maintained by a german team of experts. We had a lot of fun with Bernd, Jens and Fischi from Aero-Contact  (
T-6 This picture really shows the low altitude during the race while the group closes in on pylon #2.
Pitts Very colourful were the aircrafts of the Biplane Class. This is the Pitts S1-T "Red Eagle" of Jaqueline Warda.
Questair Venture Rittner Will somersaulted during the landing with his  Questair Venture #6 and luckily remained unharmed.
Biplane Pit Mostly Pitts Special could be seen in this class but also Mong Sports and Smith Miniplanes. There was not much room left in the hangars.
Questair Venture Tommy Rose very sadly missed this luck. Just seconds after this picture was taken he died in a crash landing due to a technical problem on his elevator.
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