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"A Race To Remember"

The 39th Annual National Championship Air Races and Air Show, September 12-15, 2002

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

The Airshow

Of course there is not only races in Reno. A diverse air display is performed for the spectators between the races so that there is nearly no time without any action in the air. Here are just a few highlights...

Hunter Steve Appleton taxies to the runway with his Hawker "Hunter". As the Chairman of an electronics company he uses his leisure time to perform at airshows. His "Hunter" is a former aircraft of the Singapore Air Force.
Sixshooter The P-51D Mustang "Six Shooter" of Chuck Hall taxiing to the take-off...
Hunter The red "Hunter" taxiing behind the Unlimited Racers who are already in the take off line up.
Valhalla ...followed by Bill Anders with the Mustang "Val-Halla"
Appleton / Poe Steve Appleton with his Hawker Hunter in the mirror with Greg Poe, one of the most famous and best aerobatic pilots of our times. 
P-51 P-51D "Val-Halla" with pilot Bill Anders and "Six Shooter" with pilot Chuck Hall ready for take off for the "Heritage Flight".
Greg Poe Greg Poe is known as one of the best aerobatic pilots in the world. During his displays he shows elements with loads of over 11g`s. He has amassed over 5000 flying hours on over 100 aircraft types.
P-38 One of the very rare Lockheed P-38 taxies to the runway following the two P-51.
Greg Poe This aircraft of Greg Poe is an "Edge 540" with 330 PS. It was especially built for Greg - the wings were designed by NASA experts.
P-38 Cleared for take off! The P-38 "Lightning" lifting off for the Heritage Flight. It`s german opponents in the WW2 called this plane "Gabelschwanzteufel" which means forktailed devil.
F-14 / F-18 F-14 and F-18 from the NAS Fallon, home of the "Top Gun" in formation.
P-38 Unmistakable is the P-38 with it`s unique design on the ground and in the air.
F-16 Also the Air Force visited Reno - with their four F-16 the pilots displayed some accurate formation flying. 
Heritage Flight Heritage Flight! The best fighters of yesterday and today  - P-51, P-38 and F-16.
F-16 One of the four F-16 of the 188th Fighter Wing "Flying Razorbacks" from Arkansas.
Heritage Flight Looks simple but is very demanding for the pilots - the formation flypass of a historic propeller aircraft and a modern jet aircraft.
Wall of Fire "Wall of Fire" is the name of this ground attack demo of the pilots from the NAS Fallon.
Julie Clark Julie Clark taxies to the runway with her T-34. Julie flew 30 years as a captain for Nothwest Airlines. Her flight book counts more than 25.000 hours without an accident!!!
Wall of Fire A helicopter type UH-60 "Black Hawk" in front of the "Wall of Fire".
Julie Clark A lot of special effects in the display of Julie Clark - like a ballet in the sky.
UH-60 Also presenting a flying display - the UH-60 "Black Hawk".
Julie Clark Back to the ground - Julie Clark is an aerobatic pilot since 22 years. She has won a lot of awards in this time. She is also honoured as a member in the "Women in Aviation Hall of Fame".
Starfighters Rick "Comrade" Svetkoff and Tom "Sharkbait" Delashaw with their F-104 are the "Starfighters", the fastest display team in the world.
Balloon This nice snapshot has nothing to do with the Reno Races but nevertheless I wouldn`t want to hide it from you. Every year at the weekend before the races a big balloon meeting takes place.
Smoke-n-Thunder Scott Hammack and his Jet-Dragster are a regular visitor at Reno. Since 1980 Scott performes over 2.500 time - and never had an accident.
Balloon Some balloons really are different from the rest as Mr. Potatoe-Head and a house...
Hughes Racer 1935 was the Hughes H-1 Racer the fastest single engined aircraft in the world. A lot of the later aircrafts as the F-6F Hellcat or P-47 Thunderbolt copied this design. This is the replica of Jim Wright.
Balloon This morning the blue sky above the desert of Nevada is full with coloured balloons. 
Spam Can Ed Maloney's P-51 "Spam Can" visited Reno together with Steve and John Hinton and some other aircrafts from the Planes of Fame Museum.
Golden Gate San Francisco with the famous Golden Gate Brridge is always worth a visit. The place of pilgromage for the flower power generation hasn`t lost a bit of it`s fascination.
Spam Can At the evening after the races the "Spam Can" was available for leisure flights.
Pazifik The coastline north of the Golden Gate Bridge with a view on the pacific ocean which doesn`t look too cold from here.
Ende des Berichtes über die Reno Air Races 2002. Kommen Sie mit uns zu den Reno Air Races 2003!!!




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