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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005

- A report of Gerhard Schmid -

- Translation by Jurgen Binnemans -

In favour of the exhibitors, the flight program was clearly reduced at the Airventure in Oshkosh. The large Warbird demonstration now only on Friday and Saturday is a result of this new policy. This enables the visitor to spend a few hours at the exhibition sites without missing much at the flight line.

The numerous exhibition booths are diverse. From clothing and pilot garments over tools up to instruments, engines, propellers and airplanes, in Oshkosh everything that has something to do with flying is sold here. And as often the case with fairs, they have fair prices. Who negotiates skillfully can make genuine (and) good deals.

logo_banner.gif (20820 Byte)
Viperjet The jet from the hobby workshop: for US$ 183.400 the Viper Aircraft Corp. offers the kit that includes fuselage, tail unit and wings. Engine, avionics etc. the DO-IT-YOURSELF- aircraft manufacturer still needs to buy himself.
Cobra For a four-seater sport airplane that is extremely luxurious equipped, you have to think about the "Cobra" model of the Czech company Evektor. Depending upon the motor the cruise speeds reach up to 175 knots.
Adams 500 A quite unusual design, the A 500 from Adam Aircraft, a piston twin-engine in Push Pull configuration and build with composite materials. In November 2005 the first machine was delivered for the price of US$ 1.2 millions. It remains to be seen whether Adam Aircraft will be more successful with this concept than B. Beech with their futuristic "Starship".
Sonex With this plane you will be noticed on any airfield: the model "Waiex" is a light, two-seat kit airplane in aluminium. According to the manufacturer the complete costs is less than US$ 25.000.
Adams 700 Almost identical to A 500: the six-seater A 700. This picture shows their unusual design. The US$ 2.25 millions costing Adam 700, powered by two Williams FJ33 turbines.
Sparrow Hawk Since a few years the Gyrocopter construction is back. This format went almost in oblivion. The company Sparrow Hawk offered short local flights.
Citation 510 With the "mustang", Cessna presented its newest business-jet of the Citation series. The twin-jet transports six persons with 340 KTAS (630 km/h).
Delta Hawk Diesel With the rising fuel prices the USA starts the search for more economic engines. The company Delta Hawk has developed a two-tact diesel engine, which it is momentarily in testing.
Eclipse 500 Eclipse aircraft presented in Oshkosh 2005 for the first time: the six-seater Business-jet Eclipse 500. With a purchase price over approx. US$ 1 million this is a jet for first time jet buyers ...
Cockpit Aviation electronics make their entrance in general sport aviation. Different exhibitors showed modern cockpit lay outs.
Eclipse 500 Cockpit ... and a quite modern glass cockpit became the standard in the meantime. The cockpit is cleared up and the controls are made by side sticks.
Shop For the passionate amateur builders some dealers offered various used parts. From screws over instruments up to scraped airplanes, everything was to be found here.
Pitts #1 Here, the cockpit of a replica of the Ur-Pitts Special. It was originally built in 1945 and of the hand of the aerobatics-inspired Curtis Pitts founder.
Shop Some "Second hand parts" dealers offered a rather sad view. It is questionably whether these parts will ever get into the air again.
Pitts #1 The replica of the first Pitts was constructed in 1990 to celebrate the 75th birthday of Curtis Pitts. A whole five months and 18 days where needed until the crew of "The Friends Of Curtis Pitts" could witness the maiden flight.
Tool Time Tool time! Naturally the ''self-made aircraft builder'' needs a workshop fully equipped with tools. One can look at these in Oshkosh, admire, test and buy them directly.
Pitts Model 12 This is how a modern Pitts Special looks these days. The picture shows a model 12 "Macho Stinker" with 360 HP M14P radial engine.
Jackets Who is passionate about Warbirds and wants to share it with his fellow man, can buy replicas of the famous Leather jackets here. These jackets were worn by the US pilots in the Second World War.
Legend One can fly quite quickly with this ''Legend''.

This fully aerobatics-suited two-seater with 726 HP strong Walter M601 propeller airplane is nearly 300 knots fast.

Art An alternative for boring interior decorations (for the Warbird fan). Nose Art on aluminum plates for hanging at the living room wall...
Angel #44 Two 300 HP Lycoming IO-540 piston engines with pusher propellers for the Angel Model 44. The interior offers place for 6 to 8 persons. For 749.000 US$ you can have this 180 knots fast airplane.
Kitsch Occasionally you see very funny items like this bomb aquarium. Goldfish not included ...
Paris Jet Jet-Trainer-Feeling too enjoy for four. The MS-760 of "Paris jet" of Morane Saulnier, it still offers a rather classical appearance.
Tuskegee Airmen Also represented where the "Tuskegee Airmen". This all Afro-American piloted unit became famous in the Second World War. They never lost a Bomber on their watch as fighter escort.
Sherpa The opposite is the K-300 "Sherpa" built for deployment on earth runways. The 400 HP strong 8-Cylinders Lycoming IO-720 is needed to overcome the increased air resistance.
Massage One of the most visited exhibition booths, was this one. It offered foot massage machines. Not surprising looking at the size of this enormous event ...




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