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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005

- a Report from Gerhard Schmid, translation by Jurgen Binnemans -

2005 was one the most successful EAA Airventures since the first meeting in 1953. About 700,000 visitors and more than 10,000 airplanes appeared in the course of one week on the flight line of the Wittman Regional Airport. Among them were no less than 924 vintage aircraft. Some flew several thousand miles to participate.

Even flying at cruising speeds of under 100 mph and bad weather were no obstacle for many pilots on their way to the Mecca of the aircraft enthusiasts. So for one week the fans of historical airplanes could admire the rarest airplanes in the history of aviation ...

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Tri Traveller With a cruising speed of 90 mph Bob Gutteridge came with his 1957 Champion Tri Traveller from California.
Taylorcraft James Hardie received an award for "Outstanding Customized aircraft" with his black Taylorcraft BC-65, built in 1939.
Twin Navion The 2x 170 HP of this Temco twin Navion provides nevertheless a cruising speed of 145 mph. Ken McTavish flew in from Calgary, Canada. More information on this rare machine, built in 1955, at
Taylorcraft Interesting detail of the Taylorcraft BC-65: the trim around the transverse axis takes place via a trim fin attached independently of the elevator at the fuselage.
Staggerwing The first Beech 17's where built until the end of 1932 with a fixed landing gear. The picture shows a R-model with retractable landing gear. With its 420 HP strong WRIGHT R-975 E2 these Stagger wings ranked among the fastest passenger aircraft of its time.
Spartan Executive For 385.000 US$ this Spartan Executive Model 12 from 1946 is for sale (conditions 10/05). This 5-Seater with 450 HP radial engine was built only once and is in first-class condition.
Stinson Reliant One of only five Stinson Reliant SR-6 models that remain. Built in 1935 and restored from 1997 to1999, this beautiful airplane of Max and Renee Davis is for sale at Oshkosh.
Spartan Executive This 1940 built Spartan Executive of Ron Tarrson from Santa Fe in New Mexico, carries serial number 28. The Spartan company was founded by the oil millionaire W. G. Skelly and was taken over by the oil billionaire J. Paul Getty in 1939. They built fast passenger aircraft for elevated requirements.
Stinson Reliant The cockpit of the Reliant SR-6A shows the love and skill that went into the restoration.
PT-22 The "PT" in the type name of the Ryan PT-22 stands for "Primary Trainer". Many US combat pilots learned to fly in this airplane.
Stinson Reliant After a complete restoration Tom and Mary Dinndorf showed there beautiful Stinson Reliant SR-10 in Oshkosh.
Percival EP9 The roomy and somewhat strange looking Percival EP9 is a very versatile plane. Among other things this type was used as a cropduster and waterbomber.
Mooneymite The 1948-1955, 283-times built, Mooney M-18 "Mite", is a Ur-Mooney and its design of the vertical stabilizer is still the brand characteristic of all Mooneys. With 850 pounds MTOW the "Mite" could fly in the Ultra Light Class.
Luscombe 8A In Garland, Texas, this Luscombe 8A was built in January 1946. The airplane cost 2,995 US$ at the time. Today the machine, restored from 1982-1984, is a price winning beauty.
Hiperbipe The Sorrell Hiperbipe is a fully acrobatically suited airplane with two seats. +6 / -4 G are sufficient for an aerobatic display. And with its unique design the Hiperbipe is an eyecatcher...
Luscombe 8E A Continental engine with 85 HP is sufficient to pull this Luscombe 8E of Arnold R. Peckar with 100 mph through the air.
Harlow PJC2 The Harlow PJC-2 was developed as an classroom project at the Pasadena Junior College (PJC), where engineer max Harlow teached. Harlow was in such awe of the project that he started building these airplanes from 1940 on at the Alhambra airport near Los Angeles.
Luscombe 11A In 1948/49 the Luscombe 11A Silvaire Sedan could be bought for 6.995 US$. Only 92 machines were built. Today a few dozen are still airworthy.
Ercoupe Between 1936 and 1940 the Ercoupe or Aircoupe was built 5500 times. The last machines were delivered in1969. At that time the tricycle landing gear was something new. One of the characteristics is the coupling of aileron and rudder.
Luscombe 11A Luscombe rebuild numerous auto parts, as the view of the cockpit shows. Originally the 11A should be sold at Ranchers and Farmers, but business went sluggishly.
Chipmunk As a Trainer for basic flight training of military pilots the De Havilland Chipmunk was introduced after the Second World War. Today many Chipmunks are in private hands.
Luscombe 11A The Silvaire Sedan of Kent and Sandy Blankenburg was then the luxury variant for the more up class customer. A fence keeps people away from the very valuable airplane.
Fairchild 24 At the TEMCO company in Dallas this Fairchild 24-R46 was built in 1947. Michael G. Thern from Winona/Minnesota is the seventh owner of this beautifully restored classical airplane.
Howard GH3 Bennie Howard built racing airplanes for the Bendix Trophy and the Thompson Cup in the 30's. This 1944 built GH-3 was a liaison aircraft for the U. S. Navy. Today only a handful of these machines exist.
Davis D1W On 22.11.1935 this Davis D-1-W left the hangars of the Davis aircraft corporation. Only eight planes of this type were built.
C-45 This Beech UC-45 E is the military variant of the well-known Beech 18. This beautiful classic was restored by former Air Force pilot Keith Cross, a multiple Scleroses patient, who fulfilled his life dream.
Cessna 195 A timeless classic is the Cessna 195 with its radial engine and elegant cowling. In Europe a rather rare sight, in Oshkosh you can see several dozen of them.
C-45 When Keith Cross was not able to work on his machine due to his illness his friends completed the work. In May 2003 the in the meantime very weak Keith could see the first demonstration of his beautiful machine.
Grumman Seaplanes A Grumman Widgeon and behind it a Grumman Goose in the evening sun.
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