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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005

- a report by Gerhard Schmid - translation by Jurgen Binnemans -

Aerobatics belong to a good air show like salt in soup. A large meeting like the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh offers large variety of breathtaking demonstrations: from wing-walking over formation flights up to extreme aerobatics.

Especially visitors from Europe tend to be speechless. The contradictions between American and European aerobatics are huge due to the extreme restrictions of the bureaucracy that are enforced on European air shows.

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Flag Every U.S. air show is opened in this way. Each day the "Opening Ceremony" takes place, then the National anthem is played during a parachute drop and the national flag displayed.
Team Aeroshell Thousands of pilots of numerous nations have colleted many hours on this airplane. The AeroShell team gives a breathtaking demo with the North American AT-6.
Chandy Clanton Chandy Clanton makes this clean cork screw with her Zivko Edge 540 to. Chandy is 32, member of the U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic team and has 1.200 flying hours, of it 500 in aerobatics.
Team Aeroshell At never seen elegance and precision the four machines of the AeroShell team seem to be connected with invisible bars ...
Sean Tucker Sean Tucker is considered to be "the Best of the Best" in the scene of air show performers. With the tail slide his Challenger II falls backwards with a speed over 100 mph.
Team Aeroshell ... until leader Alan Henley, Mark Henlay, Steve Gustafson and Gene McNeely with their 600 HP strong trainers make a split for the final.
Sean Tucker The "Ribbon cut". In a knife flight Sean cuts a wire that is strained across the Runway.
John Mohr In the 20's the grandfather of John Mohr was a "Barnstormer". With show flights in the mid west of the USA, he earned himself a living.
Sean Tucker Sean Tucker is as unusual as his airplane. The Challenger II resembles outwardly a Pitts Special, however it is made with a multiplicity of strongly modified construction units, made to withstand the extreme g-loads.
John Mohr With his 1943 Stearman, John flies mad low level aerobatic routines. Highpoints are misfiring of the engine with meter-long flames, which come from the exhaust during the inverted flight.
Bulldog Biplanes like the Pitts Special have a special character. Besides the well-known Sean Tucker, Jim LeRoy also offers breathtaking stunts.
Wingwalking The probably most extreme wing-walking demonstration since the fearless Barnstormer days: Gene Soucy and Teresa Stokes give their best since 1988 on the modified Grumman AG-Cat.
Bulldog "Jimmy Jammer", "Walking the Dog" or "Rolling Harrier ", are names of these unbelievable manoeuvres. Jim LeRoy does them all with his 400 HP strong Pitts S-2S.
Wingwalking This dramatic picture shows Teresa while changing to the overhead position. Low level aerobatics are also made by Gene with Teresa on the wing.
Kirby Chambliss The Cobra manoeuvre is demonstrated by many aerobatic pilots. Briefly after take off and only one meter above the runway, Kirby Chambliss is demonstrating this rare and spectacular figure.
Helistunt Wing-walking of a somewhat different kind. When the passenger in the Boeing Stearman gets bored, he simply steps out ...
Kirby Chambliss Kirby waves at the spectators on the flight-line too. The captain of the U.S. Aerobatic team is four-time U.S. National Championship Aerobatics and Freestyle world champion of the year 2000.
Helistunt ... and gets into a different transportation device. Whether this is really comfortable, may be doubted ...
Pietsch/Chambliss While performing his demonstration, a yellow shoulder-wing monoplane suddenly crosses the flight path of Kirby Chambliss. A dangerous moment. A few seconds later the howling alarm sirens underline this event.
Mike Goulian Mike Goulian belongs to the best aerobatic fliers in the USA. He flew in 1994, '96 and '98 in the U.S. National team. Here he is with his 300 HP strong CAP 232 in inverted flight.
Kent Pietsch The air show newcomers are shocked, the insiders know better of course. The yellow Interstate Cadet is steered by air show legend Kent Pietsch, demonstrating his Crazy Flying program.
Patty Wagstaff Probably the most successful female aerobatic pilot is Patty Wagstaff. Six times she was a member of the U.S. Aerobatic team, three times U.S. Champion. A legend by her own right Patty is inducted in the Aviation Hall Of Fame.
Pietsch Action After the landing Kent Pietsch is arrested by Security personnel. Each year he performs a mad show!
Stars of Tomorrow Nick Nilmeyer, Eric Tucker and Jessy Panzer - are the "stars of tomorrow", a new generation of talents, trained by professionals like Mike Goulian.

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