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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005

- a Report from Gerhard Schmid, translation by Jurgen Binnemans -

Besides the innumerable well-known airplane models such as Cessna 172 and 150, Piper PA-28 and Beech Bonanza there are other exotic experimental airplanes to be seen in the enormous Fly-in area.

The American homebuilder scene is very strongly represented in contrast to European scene, not at least because the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) with their local groups, the so called "Chapters", form a unifying bond. Here everyone helps everyone and in such a way that in the long run anybody can build his or here own airplane .

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Velocity The lower engine cowling of this Velocity is removed. After a long journey, controls are checked and small maintenance work is done. The elegant four-seater in Pusher configuration flew for the first time 1985.
Radial Rocket The kit of the Radial Rocket costs approx. 65,000 US$ without engine andavionics. The 230 mph fast two-seater is powered by a M-14P radial engine with 360 HP.
Vari Eze The Vari-Eze carries unmistakably the handwriting of the famous Aircraft manufacturer Burt Rutan. Exotic designs are his brand name.
Pitts 12 The Vedeneyev M-14P nine-cylinder radial engine is found in many airplanes. As seen in this powerful Pitts Model 12...
RV-4 The success story of the Homebuilt airplane RV-4 of Van's Aircraft goes back into the 70's. Approx. 1000 machines are still flying world-wide. The author had the honour to be the co-pilot in this RV-4 at the world largest Fly in.
Culp Special this nostalgic looking but new built, fully aerobatics-suited Culp Sopwith Pup biplane...
Harmon Rocket The fast Harmon Rocket was developed on the basis of the RV-4. By updating John Harmon created the airplane, a machine fast enough for the Reno air Races.
Hamm Special ...and in this Culp Special biplane, the design recreates racing airplanes of the 30's. Technical designer of this beautiful aircraft is also Steve Culp.
Harmon Rocket Obviously much love went in this highly polished Harmon Rocket. If you look closely you will be able to recognize ...
Liz + Steve Culp Steve Culp (right), aerobatic pilot and airplane constructor, his wife Liz (left) and the author (centre). In the background two Culp biplanes. More Infos at
Harmon Rocket With such a beautiful airplane it is obvious that the wife came last during the construction period. That is why she is honoured thru this beautiful nose art .
Moose The Murphy Moose is a workhorse from the northern parts of Canada. The propeller turbine improves the already good STOL characteristics. On small lakes with steep banks it heightens the security at take-off and landing ...
Polen Special It not only looks fast : the Polen Special with Dick Keyt at the stick broke the FAI Record in 2001 at the 500 miles Closed Course race with 1 hour and 10 minutes. That's 303 mph!
DA-4-550 Dale E. Schoepflin is the manufacturer of the DA-4-550. The "4" stands for the number of seats, the "550" for the engine a Continental IO-550.
Stewart 265 This self build airplane of Don Stewart from Vulcan, Michigan, resembles an air racer from bygone years. With a 65 HP engine the two-seater gets a speed of 85 mph.
Cessna 185 On the water this Cessna 185F becomes a more elegant figure...
Bede-4 In 1968 Jim Bede began with the making his four-seater Experimental BD-4. With it's 220 HP engine this original airplane reaches speeds up to 217 mph!
Seaplanes On the nearby Lake Winnebago lies the Seaplane Base. A shuttle bus brings the visitors to and from the Wittman airport.
Superstorch The MTOW of the Super Storch is approximately 1800 kp. So that it would have good landing conditions on dirt runways, it is equipped with enormous balloon tires. They will probably keep the plane afloat as well...
Tahoe Special A reproduction of the famous Republic RC3 Seabee is this Tahoe Special, by Steve the Lantz and Paul Shepherd built. A 405 HP strong engine of a Chevrolet Corvette is used as power plant.
Wilga For European visitors a familiar site : A PZL Wilga while landing.
Tahoe Special The cockpit of the Tahoe Special is lovingly and a little luxurious arranged. The co-pilot has lots of leg space.
Air Cam Twin engine with convertible feeling. The airy Air Cam is a kit of the company Leza AirCam Corp. and is propelled with two Rotax 912s engines. A seaplane variant is also offered.

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